PR Intake form for artists

Dear artists,

We are so happy that you are joining us at The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2024 in Podium Mozaïek! Please fill in this form to make sure that all the information we have about you is correct.

If your show is in English, please answer in English. If your show is in Dutch, please answer in Dutch and English.

Content of the form

In short, here’s what we are going to ask from you: 

    • Your name and bio 
    • Some things about your show: title, duration, description
    • Links to interviews and media mentions (if applicable) 
    • Your social media handles and where can we tag you
    • Some photos of you that we can use for promotions 

Important Note 1:

All the information filled in this form will be used for all kinds of promotional activities. For example: flyers, website pages, social media posts and press-releases. The team of the festival might edit and adjust the texts according to the medium in which it appears. 


Important Note 2: 

The spelling and punctuation of the names (group, artists and performance name) will be copy-pasted for the website and promotional texts. So check this carefully before you submit the form. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Dorèndel Overmars & Irina Koriazova


Marketing The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival

T: +31 6 1809 6859 (Dorèndel) / +31 6 2747 8814 (Irina)