2020… What a year! The year in which Corona brings us down, over and over… At the same time, we all keep moving to be born again. For that this year’s theme is: REBIRTH.

Despite all the restrictions, we feel there is an importance to keep producing stories and bringing them to the stage. So the preparations for the Amsterdam Storytelling Festival #13 are in full swing. The festival will take place in between October 28 and November 1 in Podium Mozaïek. Parts of the program will be online, so that we can reach out to all of you, wherever you are in the world. 

Although much smaller than before, there will be wonderful shows and inspiring talks for you to get excited about! You are super welcome to see performances or follow a workshop. Some shows are especially made for the festival, some are perfectly fitting the theme. Most of the shows can be visited by 30 people, so be fast if you want to get a ticket. The ticket prices include a drink.


Worldwide Festival: 6 elements live streamed for free!

For all the beautiful souls, that cannot be in Amsterdam or have to self-isolate: here is what we have for you.

  • Our opening show with our directors on stage Wednesday at 20.30 will be streamed online.
  • After that, we will come to your house every festival day on 17.30 for a live Talk.
  • On Friday night at 20.30 you can see our hit show from last year: Andy by Margo van de Linde.

We will live stream this 6 elements of our program for FREE. You can tune in
on Facebook or open this website and enjoy the shows and talks from every place in the


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The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival is an initiative of Stichting Storytelling Centre.
Email: info@storytellingfestival.nl
Phone: +31 (0) 20 412 14 15 (Monday till Thursday between 10:00 and 17:00h)
Press: pers@storytelling-centre.nl / +31-(0)6-1809 6859


Artistic direction and program: Raphael Rodan & Sahand Sahebdivani
Executive producer: Stichting Storytelling Centre (Erma van Maris)
Promotion: Dorèndel Overmars and Irina Koriazova
Website: deleatur
Drawing: Irina Koriazova
Intern: Volkert den Engelsman

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2020 is made possible by:

Photos: Raphael Rodan en Sahand Sahebdivani – Photo by  Alborz Sahebdivani, Aysegül Karaca – Photo by  Lotte Dale, James Rowland – Revelations, Margo van de Linde – Photo by  Raymond van Mil, Sinéad O’Brien – Photo by  Alborz Sahebdivani, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo – Photo by  Koen Veldman, Soumaya Ahouaoui – Photo by  Koen Veldman, Rosa da Silva – Photo by  Jan Sol