2023: all about liberation

Discover The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2023 from November 1st till 5th, this time centered around the theme of Liberation. Storytellers, musicians and troubadours from all around the world will gather at Podium Mozaïek to share their unique perspectives on the subject. A festival filled with thought provoking shows, inspiring workshops and meaningful talks. There will be a lot of music as well: moments where you can dance it all out and slap your hands until it hurts.


Come and experience 5 days of fun and excitement! And… we promise you that there will also be a moment (when you sit on one of the oriental carpets with a glass of wine or cup of tea in your hand) where you find time to really think: about life, about liberation and what it means to you.


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program 2023

wednesday  1 november

Price: € 17.50

Grand Opening

Raphael Rodan, Sahand Sahebdivani
Due to the deeply saddening circumstances worldwide, the start of our festival will be different this year
Price: € 17.50

Goodbye Erdogan

Betal Özay
This Fringe winner shows the depths of the Turkish courthouse
Price: FREE!

Live music: Orchestre Partout

Opening party, with plenty of time for dancing, laughing and meeting

thursday  2 november

Price: € 40.00

Workshop ‘Nuts and Bolts of Storytelling’

Len Cabral
Learn from a pro, how to keep your audience interested from start to finish!
Price: € 5.00

Talk: Art in times of Revolution

Aryeh Hasfari, Mostafa Heravi and Sahand Sahebdivani
What is the role of artists in times of political danger and fear of tyranny?
Price: € 14.00

Lucky Day

Marjolein Frijling
Hierna heb je mogelijk meer geld dan toen je binnenkwam
Price: € 14.00

Talk that Talk, Song that Song

Sheila Arnold and Len Cabral
Follow the adventures of a famous trickster!
Price: € 14.00

Sanne van Dijk
Onderstromen worden zichtbaar, als Sanne vanuit een ligbad en met poppenspel terugblikt op haar jeugd
Price: € 14.00

my phantom limb

Aryeh Hasfari
In face of disaster, what will you be willing to sacrifice?...

friday  3 november

Price: € 50.00

Workshop ‘Folklore and social justice’

Sheila Arnold
Use of old stories for awareness and change on societal challenges
Price: FREE

Exhibition: breathing roots

Enjoy the official opening of the photo exhibition
Price: € 14.00

What Happened to Mark?

Search Party
An interactive journey of laughter and tears, seeking solace for the abrupt departure of a dear friend
Price: € 14.00

Nineties Productions | Anne Maike Mertens, Nic Bruckman
Een poging om te ontsnappen aan ons duale denken
Price: € 14.00

In Boxes

Irina Koriazova
Story collector unravels her life in a very sophisticated way
Price: € 14.00

Sipan Sezgin Tekin, Roleda Yunus Bilir
Come and learn how to sing in a language which is fraught with historical challenges and restrictions
Price: € 14.00

Ties that bind

Sheila Arnold
An ode to family, love and faith
Price: FREE!

The midnight saloon

artists: t.b.a
Join us at midnight for intimate storytelling and music

saturday  4 november

Price: € 50.00

Workshop ‘Liberation of the voice’
Yinske Silva
Get to know your own voice and liberate it!
Price: € 14.00

Standing on the Miraculous Field
Terra Norihiro Terazawa
About nature and human nature
Price: € 14.00

The Red Shoes

Danni Cullen
Bad thoughts, words and places… Face it and liberate yourself!
Price: € 5.00

Talk: Black Lives Matter

Sheila Arnold and Len Cabral
How can we fight injustice with art?
Price: € 14.00

Zwerm & Walpurgis
Discover the unexpected dark side of lullabies
Price: € 14.00

Verona Verbakel
Een klein meisje wordt gestraft voor de liefdeloosheid van haar ouders
Price: € 14.00

Pampa's Pride
Fer Rodil
Life story disguised as a movie pitch
Price: € 14.00

Pieces of a man
David Labi
This show approaches complex legacies with creativity and fun
Price: € 14.00

by the light of the silvery moon
Aindrias de Staic
A night of wild Irish wit, humour and irreverence
Price: FREE!

Stunning Party with DJ ZE Karlo

Time to go wild and party!

sunday 5 november

Price: € 5.00

Masterclass Storytelling & Jazz

Eran Har Even
Open and interactive music lesson with the focus on storytelling in music, improvised music and jazz
Price: € 14.00

Bevrijdende Geluiden
Soula Notos, Kor Hoebe en Jacob Adriani
Drie ervaren verhalenvertellers schijnen hun licht op dit jaar’s thema: bevrijding
Price: € 14.00

Stories of color from around the world
Len Cabral
Liberating and colourful stories from a very experienced storyteller
Price: € 14.00

Ik wil wit zijn
Femi van Elshuis
Kleurrijke zoektocht naar een thuis
Price: € 14.00

Goodbye Erdogan
Betal Özay
This Fringe winner shows the depths of the Turkish courthouse
Price: € 5.00

Talk: Liberating from afar

Mikhail Shevelev, Rasha Hilwi
What is the price of freedom for the ones fleeing oppression?
Price: € 14.00

Il Faut Danser
Marie Phillips
About a free-spirit who survived the WWII but not what came after
Price: € 14.00

Shades of a Mountain
Shushiki Band & Raphael Rodan
A search for the crack in the heart of Armenian songs, including live sculpting

Looking for more? Explore our satellite program

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival goes beyond Amsterdam!

Here’s where you can see the most popular shows from the Festival performed again:

November 25-27: STET: The English Theatre – Zaal 3, The Hague

December 3: Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam

December 16-18: Thiemeloods, Nijmegen

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