2020… What a year! The year in which Corona brought us down, over and over… At the same time, we all kept moving to be born again. For that this year’s theme was: REBIRTH. Despite all the restrictions, we felt an importance to keep producing stories and bringing them to the stage.

The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival #13 took place in between October 28 and November 1 in Podium Mozaïek. A small audience enjoyed several shows, under which some new ones, all related to the theme of Rebirth. People left the venue with a lot of food for thought.


To reach out to more people in the world, we searched for an online partner, which we found in Parmando TV. We livestreamed the opening show and our daily Talks. And this… is actually good news! Cause it means you can watch that content back this whole year.

Besides that our director Raphael Rodan who is master in creating a deep connection, was filmed while working with Sia Cyrroes on improving a story. Watch this lovely and intimate masterclass now on this website.

We don’t know yet what the autumn of 2021 will bring. Hopefully by then we can welcome you in a crowded venue again. A place full of people, telling stories, drinking wines, hugging each other and laughing out loud. For now we wish you an enjoyable time with our live content. We love to hear what you think of it, please drop us a line: info@storytellingfestival.nl


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Opening show

An original storytelling show composed of short stories and sketches performed by Sahand Sahebdivani and Raphael Rodan. Accompanied by music by Haytham Safia and Yinske Silva.

Stories of the Apocalypse

In this talk with Mohamed Aadroun, Janneke Stegeman and Anne-Maria van Hilst we discuss how Judaism, Christianity and Islam imagine the Apocalypse. Do these stories comfort us or serve as a warning?

Diving into the dark past

How can we address the dark pages of our history in art? We speak with Abishhek Thapar and Onias Landveld about the responsibility of the arts in this process.

The rebirth of the hero

A lot of stories have a moment of rebirth in them. We are going to analyse this aspect of stories with Titus Tiel Groenestege, who has a personal connection to this theme.

The Art of quarantine

Corona forces people to experiment with the new technology. In a talk with Charlie MacGechan and Tom Radcliffe we discuss these new developments and the artistic consequences of the different technological choices.

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    Email: info@storytellingfestival.nl
    Phone: +31 (0) 20 412 14 15 (Monday till Thursday between 10:00 and 17:00h)


    Artistic direction and program: Raphael Rodan & Sahand Sahebdivani
    Executive producer: Stichting Storytelling Centre (Erma van Maris)
    Promotion: Dorèndel Overmars and Irina Koriazova
    Website: deleatur
    Drawing: Irina Koriazova
    Intern: Volkert den Engelsman

    The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2020 is made possible by:

    Photos: Raphael Rodan en Sahand Sahebdivani – Photo by  Alborz Sahebdivani, Aysegül Karaca – Photo by  Lotte Dale, James Rowland – Revelations, Margo van de Linde – Photo by  Raymond van Mil, Sinéad O’Brien – Photo by  Alborz Sahebdivani, Emmanuel Ohene Boafo – Photo by  Koen Veldman, Soumaya Ahouaoui – Photo by  Koen Veldman, Rosa da Silva – Photo by  Jan Sol