Workshop: Writing, improvising and performing poetry

Teacher: Margo van de Linde

Duration: 150 min



Start: 11:00

End: 13:30

Price: € 45

Margo van de Linde has a serious shoulder injury – unfortunately this workshop has to be moved to another date. The newly proposed date is Sunday, November 29 at 11am. If you have already purchased a ticket, Podium Mozaïek will contact you to see if this is suitable.


About the Workshop:

Margo is back by popular demand with the one woman show ANDY this year, a translation of a text by Chase Rhys. This story of addiction could also be seen as one long poem. But what you may not have realized while watching the show is that there are moments where Margo is freestyling – departing from the text based on what the moment produces. This lead her to designing this workshop for you – Learn some of the basics of writing spoken word AND some of the basics of jamming with language. And how to share that in front of others. Getting out of your head and into the body always helps. Curious? Freaked out? Great, then come! Because there is no such thing as getting it wrong and lots to gain by trying something completely new.


Bio: Margo van de Linde (1982) is a theatre director, singer and improviser showing work nationally and internationally. Her trademark is creating performances that use a combination of written text and freestyle, supported by music. Her style is unpredictable, authentic and raw. Current projects include Subculture Cabaret and hosting late night shows. Her mission is to find ways to connect with the audience’s presence.

Margo was awarded the BE Festival audience choice award for her work Translating Lola. She is also a one of the regularly supported makers at Veem House for Performance, where she developed Improvised Feminism.

Workshop in English