Workshop ‘Desire; From Hunch to Story!’

Teacher: Raffi Feghali



Duration: 180 min

Start: 11:00

End: 14:00

Price: € 45

Work at the crossroads of improv and desire


About the show:

In this laboratory, we play at the crossroads of improv and desire. We don’t look for stories. We let them find us, like desire does. Then we hone them into stories and go back to improv to help us perform them. This is a laboratory from which you’ll hopefully leave with a short story about, inspired by, or created through desire, but definitely you will have worked on skills that will proper you further on the artistic path.



Raffi Feghali is a theater director, storyteller, performer, percussionist, theater sound designer, and peacebuilder. He‘s directed more than 25 Theatre of the Oppressed, improvisational theatre, and other performances since 2009. As a performer he has performed in more than 60 shows worldwide, under many international directors. Raffi is one of the people who brought improv to Lebanon in 2009 and he has recently embarked on a journey taking him back to his storytelling roots. He launched his first autobiographical monodrama, Peer Gynt of Bourj Hammoud, in 2018 at The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival. This year he returns with the Anatomy of a Home.

Workshop in English