What happened to mark?

Search party: Başak Layiç, Domenico Gemoli, Fer Rodil & Julia Vossen



Duration: 60 min

Start: 18:00

End: 19:00

Price: € 14.00

An interactive journey of laughter and tears, seeking solace for the abrupt departure of a dear friend

About the show:
Mark’s birthday celebration took a dramatic turn when he vanished after turning around the corner to buy cigarettes.

After five years of tireless searching by his friends and the organization they formed, the search has not produced any results, and they ultimately decide it is time to move on. At a final meeting, attended by all those who helped in the search effort, they reminisce and exchange theories about what might have happened to Mark after he turned the corner.

This performance debuted at Amsterdam Fringe Festival earlier this year. It blends elements of interactive theater and storytelling, immersing the audience in the situation as volunteers of the organization.

The characters take on the role of storytellers, grappling with the uncertainty of Mark’s fate. They contemplate, challenge, and debate each other’s stories, driven by a shared need for answers and closure.

This show is a journey into the human experience of grief and the transformative power of storytelling at the intersection of reality and hope.


Başak Layiç, Domenico Gemoli, Fer Rodil & Julia Vossen got together to create “What happened to Mark?” after running into each other in several venues and workshops in Amsterdam. Their talents combine a mix of storytelling, acting, improvising and writing, and they put all of them into this play.


Writers/performers: Başak Layiç, Domenico Gemoli, Fer Rodil, Julia Vossen

Video: Marijn Maas

Choreography: Sofía Miramon

Director: Fer Rodil

Show in English