We are not war criminals

Artists: WC


Thursday 2 NOVEMBER

Duration: 60 min

Start: 21:30

End: 22:30

Price: € 14.00

Hebrew songs with a massive political impact in Israel 


About the show: 

WC is an electronic rock duo known for their captivating fusion of energetic beats and alternative rock guitars. They will play a chosen selection of 8 or 9 Hebrew songs from their repertoire. These songs cover a diverse range of socially and politically charged topics, providing a glimpse into the stories behind each composition.


Throughout the performance, Aryeh and Avshalom Hasfari will explore the inspiration behind each song and discuss their impact within the political atmosphere of Israel between 2020 and 2022. These songs resonated with an increasingly wider audience, reflecting the pressing issues of that time.



Aryeh Hasfari – 36, musician, screenwriter, director, and actor based in Tel Aviv. He is the co-founder, vocalist and guitar player of the electro rock duo WC. Aryeh has written and directed two short films, co-wrote the second season of the TV political satire “Motek Bool Ba’Emtza” and acted in several feature films. 


Avshalom Hasfari – 31, Tel Aviv-based music producer, musician, and sound designer. Co-founder of WC. With expertise in sound engineering, has composed film soundtracks and designed sound for art projects and theater performances. Additionally, he produces albums for musicians and orchestrates live performances for Metropolin, an acclaimed electronic pop act.



Aryeh Hasfari – Music, lyrics, vocals and guitars
Avshalom Hasfari – Music, production, beats, synthesizers and vocals


Show in English

21:30-22:30Price: € 14.00 We are not war criminals
Hebrew songs with a massive political impact in Israel