The persian Persuasion

(original title: Vers van de pers)

Artist: Farbod Moghaddam



Duration: 90 min

Start: 17:00

End: 18:30

Location: Big Theater

Price: € 12.50

*Since we are in a theatre, we will ask for your COVID QR-code at the entrance.

About the show: 

Where the US has Maz Jobrani and the UK Omid Djalili, we have Farbod Moghaddam! What do they have in common? They’re Persians, they’re funny and all three compensate for the lack of hair on their scalp with an abundant forest on their chest!

Fly away on a carpet through the bazaar of Farbod’s fragrant and colourful memories. A life like a bottomless pit of exciting adventures which he spins into a bushy narrative as impressive as his father’s eyebrows.

Farbod’s comedy show is where stand up meets the Thousand and one nights. While he has performed it in Dutch all over the Netherlands he will perform for the first time, especially for The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival, his show in English!

Since Persian love to feed you while they tell you stories Farbod will give every visitor a delicious Persian pistachio, rose water and saffron ice cream from Silk Road Ice Cream.



Farbod Moghaddam is produced in Iran, but assembled in the Netherlands. In 2018 he received the prestigious Jury Award of the Leids Cabaret Festival.



Show in English