Standing on the Miraculous Field

Artist: Terra Norihiro Terazawa and Salome Etter



Duration: 60 min

Start: 14:30

End: 15:30

Price: € 14,00

About nature and human nature


About the show: 

Recalling childhood, Terra and his girlfriend Lisa visit a school to learn about sustainable farming in Japan — where they are asked to do absolutely nothing.


With simple storytelling yet bold symbolism, this work calls on humans to dissolve into nature.


“The play discusses themes of overabundance, lending an alternative philosophy to our social assumption that “bigger is better. It uses the ideologies of Nature Farming to challenge the flaws of commercialism. This show gives an excellent reason… to relax our constant strive for more, and it gifts us with an intimate example of gentle mercy.” 

— My Entertainment World


Content warning: mature language; self-harm or suicide 



Terra Norihiro Terazawa is a natural farmer and a storyteller. 

After completing a BBA degree in Japan and backpacking, he was trained as an actor in Israel and Germany and as a storyteller in the UK and South Africa. 

He often thinks about what is to celebrate sadness and transform. And that is what he expresses in the story with a cheeky smile.   



Raffi Feghali – Director

Salome Etter – Music

Gary Condes – Co-creator grand idea

Show in English