Talk: The art of Quarantine

Speakers: Charlie Macgechan & Tom Radcliffe
Presentation: Raphael Rodan & Sahand Sahebdivani
Spoken word: Margo van de Linde
Music: Erik Sjoholm



Duration: 45 min

Start: 17:30

End: 18:15

Price: € 6.50


Corona forces people to experiment with the new technology. Everyone’s streaming and podcasting like there’s no tomorrow. We will be talking with acting teacher Tom Radcliffe, which had to move all his classes online and Actor Charlie Macgechan who found a creative way to stage online one of Harold’s plays. Together, we will discuss these new developments and the artistic consequences of the different technological choices.

In tijden van Corona wordt iedereen gedwongen om met nieuwe technologieën te experimenteren. Men streamed en podcast er op los. In deze talk gaan we in gesprek met acteerdocent Tom Radcliffe, die al zijn lessen online geeft en acteur Charlie Macgechan die een creatieve manier vond om het werk van Harold Pinter online te tonen. Samen praten we over de nieuwe ontwikkelingen en wat de artistieke gevolgen van technologische keuzes zijn.

Charlie MacGechan is a known international actor who played in films as We Die Young, The Girl from the Song and Deus. During Corona he staged some of the work of Harold Pinter, a British playwright and Nobel laureate, with the permission of Pinter’s widow.

Tom Radcliffe is director of the London Group Theater and has an impressive track record in the film and theater world. He has been using and teaching the Meisner technique for more than 20 years, after learning it directly from Sanford Meisner. He lately directed the show Sons of Abraham through zoom and already for months gives all his classes online. 

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