Talk ‘Liberating from afar’

Speakers: Mikhail Shevelev, Rasha hilwi



Duration: 60 min

Start: 17:30

End: 18:30

Price: € 5

What is the price of freedom for the ones fleeing oppression?


About the talk: 

For centuries Amsterdam has been a haven for artists and activists fleeing oppression. Its safety might provide a place to work and express yourself freely. How much of this reaches those who stayed behind? What impact does it have? How do those who made it here deal with the guilt of leaving others behind?


In this talk we discuss these questions and more with the Russian journalist Mikhail Shevelev who works for a Russian TV station in exile (TV Rain) and the Palestinian Rasha Hilwi, writer and editor-in-chief of the Arabic language media platform Raseef22, both of whom are currently based in the Netherlands.


Talk in English