Talk ‘Art in times of Revolution’

Speakers: Aryeh Hasfari, Mostafa Heravi
Moderator: Sahand Sahebdivani



Duration: 60 min

Start: 17:30

End: 18:30

Price: € 5

What is the role of artists in times of political danger and fear of tyranny?

About the talk: 

The past year saw the biggest and longest lasting protests against the Israeli government. Roads were blocked and even the airport was temporarily shut down. Providing the soundtrack to this uprising were artists such as the Israeli music duo WC. In this programme we will sit down with one of the performers of the duo, Aryeh Hasfari, and with the Iranian festival co-director (and child of the revolution himself) to talk about the role of Art in times of Revolution. Joining the talk as well will be Mostafa Heravi — Iranian filmmaker famous for creating politically fueled visual art.


Aryeh Hasfari – 36, musician, screenwriter, director, and actor based in Tel Aviv. He is the co-founder, vocalist and guitar player of the electro rock duo WC. Aryeh has written and directed two short films, co-wrote the second season of the TV political satire “Motek Bool Ba’Emtza” and acted in several feature films. 

Talk in English