Speaking in tongues

Artist: Grainne Delaney | English Language Productions



Duration: 45 min

Start: 21:00

End: 21:45

Location: Studio

Price: € 12.50

*Since we are in a theatre, we will ask for your COVID QR-code at the entrance.

About the show:

“A journey through masks and ancient stories”


Speaking in Tongues was first conceived as a biographical journey through mask and mythology and explores the connection between ancient stories and how they play out in our daily lives.


Inspired by archetypal Commedia masks, proto-masks and lava masks, Grainne worked with mask makers Juan C. Tajes, Beatrice Percijn and Jenifer Kabutti to devise characters that express the myriad of personalities and perspectives of this journey. Each reflecting an aspect of ourselves, and an inspiration to draw from.




Grainne Delaney is a classically trained theatre actress who turned to Mask, Movement & Improvisation when she moved abroad and discovered she had no talent for learning new spoken languages.


With a background in Theatre & Psychology, and a lot of experience in coaching and training, she merges the creative process with personal development, using mixed disciplines and a lot of storytelling.


As a teacher at the Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten and a story coach for Art Partner’s ‘Into The Light’, she loves guiding people to the edge of their fear and taking leaps of faith.



Written & Performed by Grainne Delaney

Choreography : Aurel Pelleg

Music & Lighting : Pete Charlton

Masks: Juan C. Tajes & Beatrice Percijn

Costumes : Kroon & Kabutti


Show in English