Price: € 35

The SaturdayPass gives you entrance to all shows and the talk of that day*. Since there is some overlap in time, you won’t be able to visit everything… But you can visit a lot!

When you buy this DayPass, please immediately after that send the list of shows that you want to see to Then you will receive separate tickets for the requested shows.

If you have doubts what to see, please send an email with your phone number. Somebody from the marketing team will call you to advise what is the best route for you. 

(*the workshops is excluded from the passe partout) 


Full list of Saturday Shows with start and end times: 

14:30    15:30    Terra Norihiro Terazawa / Standing on the Miraculous Field 

15:45    16:40    Danni Cullen / The Red Shoes                

17:30    18:30    Talk ‘Black Lives Matter’ 

18:00   19:00    Zwerm & Walpurgis / Lalaei                     

19:30    20:30   Verona Verbakel / Voyeur- Show in Dutch 

20:15    21:15     Fer Rodil / Pampa’s Pride          

20:30   21:40    David Labi / Pieces of a Man  

22:00   22:55    Aindrias de Staic / By the light of the Silvery Moon