Nothing But

Artist: Jack Docherty



Duration: 70 min

Start: 19:30

End: 20:40

Price: € 12.50

Darkly comic story of lost love and youth


About the show:

Nothing But is the story of Jack putting on a show at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival in the hope of re-connecting with an American woman he had a brief romance with almost thirty years ago. It’s a story of misplaced desire and the impossibility of recapturing one’s youth. It plays with and deconstructs the form of rom-coms, and ultimately becomes a love story, not about Jack and his lost love, but between Jack and his daughter. It is also a love letter to Jack’s home town of Edinburgh. Set against the once -yearly bacchanal of the festival, when the city throws off its conservative skin and anything seems possible. It’s a tender, playful, darkly comic story, where Jack grapples with lost youth, love, fatherhood, sex, secrets and truth.



Jack Docherty is a writer, comedian and storyteller from Scotland, based in London. He has written sit-coms and dramas for British TV, written for many leading British comedians and performs solo shows on tour and at festivals in the UK. He was a regular member of the ITV show Friday Night Live, star of the Channel 4 shows Absolutely and mr don and mr george, the BBC series The Creatives and Start/Stop and Sky’s sci-fi show The Strangerers. He was also Britain’s first 5 nights a week chat show host on C5’s The Jack Docherty Show. He can currently be seen as the Chief of the Scottish Police Force on BBC1’s comedy Scot Squad.



Written by Jack Docherty

Script editing by Kate Close and Maddie Mortimer

Directed by Maddie Mortimer, Kate Close and Peter Baikie

Music by Peter Baikie

Sound and Lights: Lucas Anderson

Show in English