My phantom limb

Artist: Aryeh Hasfari



Duration: 45 min

Start: 21:30

End: 22:15

Price: € 14.00

In face of disaster, what will you be willing to sacrifice?…

About the show:

This show, put together in recent weeks, is a collection of fragments, episodes, songs and verses of spoken word. Some are my family stories from the Holocaust, some are about the resistance to the far-right government in Israel in recent years, and some about my own military service.

All of these connected by this point in time, on the verge of a world war and maybe a second holocaust, when my brother is going back from Athens to Tel Aviv and I decide to remain in Europe, realizing I am no longer willing to sacrifice myself for the idea of a Jewish state.

After fighting for this country for many years, protesting, creating resistance art and warning of catastrophe, the face of disaster has left me torn between my past values and sheer cynicism. The main theme of this piece will be my Zionist Phantom Limb. A pain that I feel from an organ that is no longer there.

In this dance of the devils, ghosts of the past rise and make claims for survival or self-sacrifice and solidarity.

The work is done in correspondence with my brother Avshalom, who is in Israel during wartime. It will include original music by both Avshalom and me, and original visual art and illustrations by Ori Gold.


Aryeh Hasfari – 36, musician, screenwriter, director, and actor based in Tel Aviv.
He is the co-founder, vocalist and guitar player of the electro rock duo WC. Aryeh has written and directed two award winning short films, co-wrote the second season of the TV political satire “Motek Bool Ba’Emtza” and acted in several feature films


Aryeh Hasfari – Music, lyrics, Stories, Spoken Word and Guitars
Avshalom Hasfari – Music
Ori Gold – Visual Art and Illustrations

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21:30-22:15Price: € 14.00 my phantom limb
Aryeh Hasfari 
In face of disaster, what will you be willing to sacrifice?...