Artist: Lara Ricote



Duration: 52 min

Start: 17:00

End: 17:52

Price: € 12.50

Minority jokes for majority crowds


About the show:

An award winning comedy show about what it means to be a minority when it’s “in” to be a minority. It tackles identity, sexual awakenings, womanhood, climate change, and also silly topics like songs about organs. It is a one-hour of jokes and stories about being a girl who happens to be hard of hearing as well as Latin-American, today.



Lara Ricote is a Mexican-American, Amsterdam-based, stand up comedian who has recently won the Funny Women Stage Award and the Best Newcomer Award at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Lara graduated from the the Mezrab Storytelling School, acquiring the title of Very Professional Storyteller. Pre-pandemic, she’s performed in Miami, Argentina, London, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, and Madrid.

She teaches comedy theory and writing courses with the Improv company easylaughs, she co-writes and co-produces a satirical Dutch news show in Spanish called “Que Onda NL País.” and runs a Spanish Comedy company called “La Risa Dam.” She’s co-producing comedy nights with the Comedy Undergradz, and co-hosting «The Comedy Undergradz» podcast with Slim Radio. She’s also a house comedian at the Comedy Embassy: Amsterdam’s highest rated English stand up show.



Producer: Individual Artist Management

Director: Dec Munro

Music: Fernando Rodil


Show in English