Four Weddings (and an Iranian Funeral)

Artist: Nasim


Duration: 60 min

Start: 16:30

End: 17:30

Location: Studio

Price: € 12.50

*Since we are in a theatre, we will ask for your COVID QR-code at the entrance.

About the show:


“Secret lives of the Iranian gay community”

In Four weddings Nasim tells the stories of the Iranian gay community and the secret lives they live, while at the same time telling us about his own journey. From his first kiss to saying goodbye to his parents. Some of the stories are happy, some are tragic, all are told with a great love for the people Nasim has met along the way and the ones he had to leave behind.


Nasim is a storyteller and actor from Iran. Nasim is not his real name, but the one he chose to be able to tell his stories. He likes that in Iran the name is used for both men and women. His migration gave him a unique perspective on the different lives we live. From cultural differences to differences related to human rights. Being able to talk about these issues has fueled his work as a storyteller.

Text: Nasim and Sahand Sahebdivani
Dramaturgy: Sahand Sahebdivani

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