The red shoes

Artist: danni cullen



Duration: 50 min

Start: 15:45

End: 16:35

Price: € 14.00

Bad thoughts, words and places… Face it and liberate yourself!

About the show: 

Growing up in Ireland, stories of shame, guilt and bad thoughts… but what will the neighbours say?

The Red Shoes is a story that takes place in a Vipassana meditation Centre… It’s all about sitting with the things we avoid. Learning how to free the mind from suffering. Is that even possible? 10 days of seated meditation for 10 hours a day… just you and your mind… let’s see what comes up.

It’s all about being human. 


Danni Cullen is an Irish storyteller, born in Dublin but lives all over, she is a bit of a gypsy pirate. She trained as an Actress in the UK and worked for children’s theatre companies in Hong Kong, South America and Europe. Her Favourite role had to be Robin Hood. 

She has been an elf for Santa Claus, she has tried to join the circus, lived with monks in India, been stranded in Mexico and was a tour guide in Spain… Yes, she has a few stories to tell. She loves to create theatre and tell stories that make us laugh at ourselves, to try to bring comedy to our tragedies.



Director and Dramaturg: Jennifer Holland
Writing coach: Sahand Sahebdivani
Lighting design: Jennifer Holland
Aerial Choreographers: Colette Orler and Emily Aoibheann

Show in English