Workshop Writing  your Words

Roie Biran


Personal and exposed spoken word writing workshop

In this workshop we will experience writing poetry through exposing our inner world.  Personal spoken word holds a special and fascinating effect on the listeners and often even serves as therapy both for the writer and the audience. In our modern distant world, such unique connection between the artist and his audience are glittering sources of light that can reach great distances. We will get to know one another through group work and will dive into our fascinating inner worlds.


Roie was born on a kibbutz and grew up on wide lawns. As a child he learnt theater, music and horseback riding. As an adult, he studied theater, taught for years and founded and managed one. Roie writes, composes and plays in children’s plays he creates with good partners. He writes and teaches spoken word poetry. Roie is currently working on a second musical album. He likes to witness close encounters between people and words.


Price: € 45

Location: Mozaïek Studio

Duration: 180 minutes

Sunday, November 3

Start: 10:00

End: 13:00