What does it take? (to be me)

Roie Biran


‘What does it take? (to be me)’ tells a personal and intimate story. In this show, Roie Biran has brought together 46 years of his life and transformed them into a poetic musical journey, which we are all invited to join. Equipped with musical instruments, a well sharpened pen, his joie de vivre, and lifelong stage experience, he draws pictures of him as a child, a father, a partner, and a man in search for meaning. His self-reflections and observations of people surrounding him come together in a captivating tale. Roie shares with us deep questions still seeking answers, and he always — aims into our hearts.


Roie was born on a kibbutz and grew up on wide lawns. As a child he learnt theater, music and horseback riding. As an adult, he studied theater, taught for years and founded and managed one. Roie writes, composes and plays in children’s plays he creates with good partners. He writes and teaches spoken word poetry. Roie is currently working on a second musical album. He likes to witness close encounters between people and words.


Writing, directing and performing: Roie Biran
Co-director:Alona Perez
Translating into English Noam Dorr, Itai Biran and Aliza Habner
Choreography:  Nicole Mahhler


Price: € 12.50

Location: Mozaïek Big Theatre

Duration: 60 minutes

Friday, November 1

Start: 19:30

End: 20:30