The Psychedelicious

Phil Kay


To be at one of Phil’s shows and expect stand-up would be a big mistake, ANYTHING can happen and invariably does! This cosmically iconic comic storytelling mind on legs will be speaking about his day and his adventures. From a Russian Billionaire’s Bolivian Volcano Party to calamities and hair-brained schemes. From buying machetes in Venezuela to threatening his puppy. But it doesn’t stop there: the man may improvise a song of his journey to the gig, or of his love of the room… He possesses the rare gift of creating a space where audiences feel like they are kids again, all taking part in a practical joke.

“Phil Kay’s been doing storytelling in his stand-up since before it was recognized as a sub-genre of the current scene…” The Times

“The man remains one of the most consistently brilliant and uncompromising comedians of his and future generations.” The Metro


Phil Kay is a legendary Scottish storyteller and master of mirth. Come and hear all the best stories from a very creative comedian. He is still wild, so anything can happen during his show… Come see a man from whom the words just flow in a bawdy stream of comic consciousness. Phil is a cyclist, father and renowned follower of the nose, who goes with the flow.


Price: € 12.50

Location: Mozaïek Studio

Duration: 60 minutes

Thursday, October 31

Start: 20:30

End: 21:30