2 november | 22:00-23:15 | podium MOZAIEK big hall | Euro 15.00

Tickets are available soon (End of August)


Saman Amini (Teheran, 1989) was involved as an actor and creator in the theatre hits Nobody Home and A Seat At The Table and played roles in Jihad the performance and The Nation. He has also played in television series such as Flikken Maastricht, De Fractie and Van God Los. After the singles Longen Vol and Alles is Blacka he will release his EP Samenloop van Omstandigheden with songs from the performance on April 13th. Samenloop van Omstandigheden is a co-production of Paradiso Melkweg Productiehuis (PMP) and foundation Black Sheep Can Fly (BSCF).

Concourse of Circumstances

Lenght: 75 minutes

Language: Dutch

Samenloop van Omstandigheden offers a perspective on the world from ‘the other side of the fence’. In the performance you will meet Saman Amini as a theatre maker, actor and musician. In the performance, Amini talks, sings and raps about his youth, his love, his parents and everything that is needed to stay upright when nothing is certain anymore. From the perspective of a boy who knows both sides of the fence like the palms of his hands, he talks about hope and poverty, fighting spirit and injustice, resilience and inequality.

With his penetrating and human questions, Saman Amini comes close to the spectator. The performance has an undertone of resignation and calm determination. Amini celebrates life (and surviving) and appeals  all the senses to reinforce his story.

The show was one of the big hits of the Oerol Festival 2018