3 november | 21:00-22:30 | podium MOZAIEK big hall | € 15.00


Rachel Rose Reid keeps oral tradition dust-free and fresh-faced from rock festivals to theatres, campfires to concert halls. Bridging between the worlds of traditional storytelling and spoken word, she has written and told stories for Billy Bragg, BBC Radio, Glastonbury Festival, and the London Symphony Orchestra.

“Queen of the new wave of storytellers” BBC Radio 3


Length: 90 minutes

Language: English

In the whole World, only one manuscript unfolds the Roman de Silence. Written down c1250, it was discovered in 1911 in an old English Manor House, in a box marked Old Papers, No Value (under a few letters from King Henry VIII.) The story suggests that even King Arthur’s legacy depends on a quest for gender equality, and it is packed with adventure, humour and conflicts that feel familiar to our modern ears.  But in 1911 suffrage protests were at their explosive height, so the manuscript was kept silent. But the story was made to be told. Now is the time to tell it.