2 november | 19:30-21:15 | podium mozaiek studio | € 12.00

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Peter Chand is an award-winning international Storyteller, constantly in demand for his unique retelling of tales from his motherland, India.   Peter has shared his stories across Britain and has also performed in Norway, France, Austria, Canada, and Singapore amongst other countries. He grew up with Punjabi as his first language, and still visits family in the Punjab to collect folk tales, translating them into English and sharing them with audiences worldwide.

Gorg Chand grew up listening to stories from his parents and grandparents, both in England and India. Piecing together the fragments of forgotten folk tales and the great epics, he learnt to unravel and translate these complex tales. Forming coherent stories that are easy to follow without losing their spirit, heart and core for today’s audience.


Length: 90 minutes + 15 minutes break

Language: English

A collection of dark, powerful, and thoughtful snake stories shared from Indian myth and folktale. Brought to you by storytellers Peter and Gorg Chand, who both have a deep connection and love for the stories from their motherland.

Including the myth of the serpent god who gave mankind voice, and winding through the realms of magic, sensuality, and serpent lore from various parts of the sub-continent. SNAKESkin is a unique and vibrant piece of storytelling, brought to life by two highly skilled and engaging storytellers.