3 november | 15:00-16:00 | podium MOZAIEK STUDIO | € 10.00

Tickets are available soon (End of August)


Peter Chand is an award-winning international Storyteller, constantly in demand for his unique retelling of tales from his motherland, India.   Peter has shared his stories across Britain and has also performed in Norway, France, Austria, Canada, and Singapore amongst other countries. He grew up with Punjabi as his first language, and still visits family in the Punjab to collect folk tales, translating them into English and sharing them with audiences worldwide.

Dreaming of Wasps

Length: 60 minutes

Language: English

What is the true nature of jealousy?  What drives us to rage when we feel the sting of betrayal? And who amongst us is ever totally immune to that dark destructive force?

Two international performers will try and answer some of these questions, partly through traditional tales, personal stories, and with the audiences help; by forming a self-help group on stage!

With powerful and disturbing stories from their respective Indian and Jewish cultures, Chand and Rodan explore the shadow-side of love: the place where madness lies!