The passe-partout gives you entrance to all shows in the big theater (7 in English & 3 in Dutch) and 4 shows in the studios (those require reservation).

The 10 Shows in the big theater and included in your passe-partout are:

James Rowland – A Hundred Different Words for Love

James Rowland – Team Viking

Roie Biran – What does it take? (to be me)

Margo van de Linde – Andy

Onias Landveld – Wortels en Cassave (Dutch)

Marjolein Frijling – Fogo Correndo – Lopend Vuur (Dutch)

Xanthe Gresham Knight  –  Epic Heroines from Ancient Persia

Thomas Kok – The Dark Side of Porn

Cené Hale – The Great Deception

George Elias Tobal – Kinderen van Aleppo (Dutch)

Besides those 10 you are invited to choose 4 of the other shows (that all take place in the studios). Please, mail your studio choice to by October 25 the latest.

*Workshops need to be booked seperately