Workshop Storytelling & Mixing music

Workshop Storytelling & Mixing music workshop

A four-hour workshop led by renowned international storyteller Peter Chand and DJ and Music Producer PKCtheFirst, ahead of their performance of Tongue Tied & Twisted.

This workshop will share some of the techniques that they employed in creating the piece, incorporating live storytelling with music mixing and soundscapes. 

This exciting and unique workshop will give participants the opportunity to record part of a story live, and then enhance it by using state of the art mixing and DJ techniques.

Each participant will leave with a recording of the finished story that they will have helped to create.

Suitable for experienced storytellers. (if you play a small instrument please bring this with you to the workshop if you are able to)

8 participants maximum.


  • Aanvang: 5 november om 10:30
  • Duur: 210 min
  • Prijs: € 45
  • Taal: Engels


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