The Rape of Io

The Rape of Io extra

One of the most troubling of Greek myths, Zeus and Io, is given a modern makeover in words, music and live animation. The highly creative Fecund Wetan are now joined by master animator Geert Glas to create an audio, visual and imaginary feast.

In a cross-over between KLIK and Amsterdam International Storytelling Festivals, this new collaboration that seeks to bring alive old myth in new and surprising ways. The myth of Io is one rich with misogyny and wandering, asking us where we find home, when all our old certainties crumble.  The Fecund Wetan (Simon Hodges, Dolan Jones and Gijs Anders van Straalen) have been delighting audiences with their invigorating, innovative storytelling and are now joined by Geert Glas to take their show to a new level.


  • Aanvang: 28 october om 16:45
  • Duur:
  • Prijs: gratis
  • Taal: Engels


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