Deep into the night

Deep into the night extra

5 hours of stories and music improvisation, taking old myths to hard to reach places.

The Fecund Wetan have been soaring over the past year bringing old myths alive for the modern mind. With musical improvisation and word play, they now seek to tell 5 stories in 5 hours. Each story is intensively prepared but performed live and improvised. Having sold out De Ruimte over two nights in March the trio now return to take you deep into the night...

Performed by Simon Hodges, Gijs Anders van Straalen and Dolan Jones, the myths will be old European and Persian folk romances: Zeus and Io, Leila and Majnun, Etain and Midir.  It will be fascinating to see how these stories combine and speak to each other in this intense narrative marathon.

A full bar is available, and games will be played between stories to create spontaneous community.


  • Aanvang: 29 october om 22:00
  • Duur: 300 minuten
  • Prijs: € 5
  • Taal: Engels


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