à la carte

Milda Varnauskaite and Marie Phillips


Marie and Milda will serve up a feast of stories on the theme of hunger. These stories will be selected by the audience from an a la carte menu of potential tales: tantalising amuse bouches, enchanting entrees, delightful desserts and intoxicating spirits.

Dishes to choose from include a hand-slaughtered Lithuanian pigs’ blood sausage, a small green salad presented on a golden platter by the Queen of England, a plateful of corn prepared by a beautiful baboon, and a solitary sleeping pill choked down on a mouthful of spit.

This will be a meal unlike any other, certain to sate the appetite of any storytelling gourmet.


Marie Phillips is a British writer and storyteller. Her work includes the international bestselling novel Gods Behaving Badly, which was made into a feature film, and two comedy series for BBC Radio 4. As a storyteller she has performed across the UK and the Netherlands, including at the prestigious Oerol theatre festival. She takes her inspiration from history and mythology, with a modern twist. “As if Jane Austen were rewriting Terry Pratchett” – The Guardian.

Milda Varnauskaitė is a Lithuanian storyteller based in Amsterdam. She performs in various places across the Netherlands and Lithuania fusing stories from the Baltic region with her foreign experiences. She performed at Amsterdam Roots festival, Explore the North festival in Leeuwarden, and the Frascati and Podium Mozaïek theatres in Amsterdam. Milda teaches storytelling at Vilnius University and is a founder of the Baltic Storytelling Centre in Lithuania.

Marie and Milda are both graduates of the Mezrab Storytelling School.


Price: € 12.50

Location: Mozaïek Studio

Duration: 50 minutes

Saturday, November 2

Start: 15:00

End: 15:50