2 november | 20:00-21:00 | podium MOZAIEK studio | € 15.00


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Marjolein Frijling (1981) studied cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and then went to the Theater Academy in Maastricht where she completed her directing education in 2009. In her youth she moved more than 15 times. She lived as a child in Indonesia, Scotland, England and Oman. She thinks that this is also an important reason why she is constantly working on the subject of understanding different sociological and cultural connections. She is always looking for the stratification of stories and perspectives. She is fascinated by the dilemmas where people and she herself are located in. This is reflected in all her film, radio and theater work.

180 and I

Lenght: 60 minutes

Language: Dutch and English

In 2016 Marjolein Frijling interviewed 180 people who are living in Amsterdam, who were all born in another country. The beginning of her life project: looking for the life stories of 180 inhabitants of Amsterdam, an attempt to capture the identity of Amsterdam. To what extent do the 180 people actually experience the feeling of freedom and equality, the two core values that our capital city boasts?

With the help of musicians Dwight Breinburg and Martijn Rooker and especially for The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival Marjolein shows a first sketch of 180 and I. The performance premieres in February 2019 in the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam (ITA).