2 november | 22:30-23:30 | podium MOZAIEK STUDIO | € 10.00

Tickets are available soon (End of August)


Margo van de Linde is a spoken word artist who doesn’t shy away from working in the range between the scripted word and the completely improvised. In fact, it’s what her work hinges on. She makes group and solo performances that often rely on the live experience of the moment and audience input to take a certain direction. A direction that changes every night. Recently the position and voice of women in society have formed her main interest.

Me, the Beguines and the Communion 

Length: 60 min

Language: English

For the last 6 Years Margo has been living in the Begijnhof, the oldest female-only courtyard in the centre of Amsterdam.

“It once was a shelter for spiritual, fiercely independent and rebellious women. I suppose that though we no longer wear the cloaks to prove it, it still is. I often wonder what brought us all here? Now, in 2018? Are we maybe a certain type of woman? Who is that woman? Do the journeys that lead here have a common thread?”

In this performance Margo will use words, vocals, and the percussive textures provided by a drummer to layer the real-life stories of the women she has come to know over a history that reaches as far back as 1300. Because some rituals are timeless.