4 november | 16:30-17:20 | podium MOZAIEK STUDIO | € 10.00

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Godfried Beumers is a storyteller in heart and soul. Sitting on his chair, surrounded by only some fine objects, and with no more than his voice and mimicry, he seduces his audience. He conjures up language and immerses listeners in a magical world …

The love of the three oranges

Length: 50min

Language: Dutch

How a little fellow became a beautiful man …
He is thirteen and of royal descent. Nobody likes him, because he is spoiled and he suffers from all possible ailments. To make matters worse he is also condemned to love ‘the three Oranges’: no punishment seems worse than love!

Originally this story comes from the mystical Sufi tradition. 
Variants of this story- sometimes there are three lemons – occur in Italy, Turkey and Greece, up to Iraq and Iran. The whimsical and wide-ranging story full of magical elements forms a wonderful challenge to play around with, creating the most diverse characters, based on improvisation. These kinds of stories are perfect for a storyteller to sharpen and show his craftsmanship.

Age: 11+