4 november | 19:30-20:45 | OBA big theatre | € 15.00

Tickets are available soon (End of August)


George & Eran Productions is the theater company of George Elias Tobal and Eran Ben-Michaël.

With humor, self-mockery and perspective, they bring large social themes back to human proportions. Tobal received a Golden Calf in 2017 for his role in the feature film Jungle.

George & Eran are racists is directed by Koos Terpstra. Terpstra was artistic leader of the Noord Nederlands Toneel for years and is celebrated for performances such as the “Troy Triology”, “The Woman with the Beard”and the TV program “This was the News”. The music is played by the duo Milan Sekeris and Myrthe Huber as NORDGROND. Milan and Myrthe are always looking for the poetry of the passing of things and carefully try to describe the superficiality to get to the depths.

George & Eran worden racisten

Lenght: 60 minutes

Language: Dutch

In this current performance the brown friends George & Eran together with the white singing duo Nordgrond shine a light on the (im)possibility to do ‘good’, because there is always someone who is insulted, discriminated against or treated unequally.

George & Eran will make the big theme of racism clear and accessible by playing with recognizable underlying mechanisms. The visitors are confronted with (sub)conscious racism in the Netherlands. But, as always, George and Eran create a performance full of humor and music! With a good dose of cheerful anger, in which nobody will spare the other, “Because we are of good will, do not forget that!”