4 november | 14:30-15:40 | podium MOZAIEK STUDIO | € 10.00

Tickets are available soon (End of August)


Fred Versonnen goes looking for heroes and true courage. He tells stories with power, but also with humor and melancholy. Fred was a guest at festivals in Flanders, the Netherlands, England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden. He is a member of the ‘Fonkelvogel collective’ from Leuven. info: www.schobbejak.be  / www.fonkelvogel.be


Length: 70 minutes

Language: Dutch

I am a man who once was a boy.

A boy who wanted to be a hero.

A hero!

I saw them fighting in old black and white films.

They were hidden in the dusty books of my youth.

But they mainly came to life in my father’s stories.

Real heroes from the war or the sports world … epic stories !!

And then I dreamed myself away in a beautiful fantasy world.

Boys need heroes.

But what about today’s men?

What do they need in these turbid times?

Are there heroes for men?