Workshop Storytelling for Starters - Immersive Storytelling

Workshop Storytelling for Starters - Immersive Storytelling workshop

Immersive storytelling:

Working with the senses

How do we take a folktale, that has been lying flat between the pages of a book, or dormant in our memory, and animate it? How do we breathe life into its world and its characters, making the listener’s experience engaging and memorable?

Join the award-winning acclaimed storyteller Jan Blake as she guides you through the process of exploring your chosen story, delving into its sensory world and enlivening the experience of live storytelling, for both you & your audience. 

All participants should bring a traditional folktales of their choice, and an open heart. 
NB This workshop is NOT for experienced storytellers.

Maximum of participants: 12


  • Starts: 4 november at 10:30
  • Duration: 150 minuten
  • Price: € 45
  • Language: Engels


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