Mezrab in Mozaiek: The Way we came

Mezrab in Mozaiek: The Way we came internationaal

The opening show of the day The Way we came is two solo pieces by Amsterdam artists James and Christina"

Recent Mezrab Storytelling School graduate James Huggett is a professional provocateur. He believes storytelling can be a powerful tool in opening debate on various social and political issues. For the festival he brings a performance that honors a few likely and unlikely heroes.

Christina Mercken is a known storyteller in the Amsterdam scene. In the Mezrab she's recently started hosting her own nights. But she doesn't rest on her laurels, she constantly pushes the envelope of her storytelling. From experimenting with new ways of telling old tales to rediscovering her past through childhood eyes, it's a treat to see her bring new material.


  • Starts: 5 november at 14:00
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Price: € 8
  • Language: Engels


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