Little Red Riding Hood and Other Lost Girls

Little Red Riding Hood and Other Lost Girls internationaal

'On the night of a rare, red-tinted full moon, superb storyteller Nell Phoenix leads us on a winding, unfamiliar path through that most well-known of fairy tales, the story of Little Red Riding Hood.' Exeunt Magazine

What did the Wolf do to Granny?
What did Little Red do to the Wolf?
What did Little Red do to Granny?!

The fairytale world is littered with girls who are lost or mislaid, and very few are as innocent as you might first imagine. Nell Phoenix strays from the path in search of young, and not so young, women who have played in the woods, forgotten the rules, and should have at least had an inkling, that something was likely to go horribly wrong.

Darkly humorous and Seriously playful.

'Phoenix is a mercurial and captivating performer.' Dave Fargnoli

'Bold, bubbly and brutal, Nell Phoenix guides us through a plethora of girl-meets-wolf tales in a lively evening of storytelling'. Justin Stathers, TheatreBubble


  • Starts: 30 october at 14:15
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Price: € 10
  • Language: Engels


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