Mia Verbeelen

Mia Verbeelen

Mia Verbeelen is a storyteller whom many people love to listen to – warm, full of humour and with her own unique style she takes her audience with her into the stories. Everybody who listens to her feels emotion and compassion. She is a very experienced storyteller with a beautiful presence. She easily captivates each and every audience with great imaginative power, a velvet voice and rich language.

These praising words were part of the jury report when Mia Verbeelen was elected ‘Storytelling Ambassador 2015’ for the Netherlands and Flanders.

Mia Verbeelen was born and bred in Flanders, but lived in the Netherlands for 30 years (from 1976 until 2006). She has returned to Antwerp where she works as a professional storyteller in the ‘Sprookjeshuis’ (Provinciaal Groendomein Rivierenhof Deurne) and as a key figure in the Flemish storytelling world. Apart from that she often performs in both countries and is a teacher at the ‘Vertelacademie’ (NL/B). 


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