Blue Dew

Blue Dew

A performance by Blue Dew is a journey through the history of ancient Ireland.

The stories and music of Blue Dew are woven into theater. Stories about the existence of the Irish, at a time when it was plagued by hunger and poverty. A life that however beautiful and exuberant sides had such close friendship, family life and caring for each other. There had to be drunk firmly to party carefree. Musicians played tunes to dance to. Ballads were sung to express unbearable grief. And fairy-tale characters played in everyday life as big a role as the harsh reality.

Blue Dew consists of musicians who love Irish folk and American bluegrass. It is a mix of musical styles that is so typical of the development and the music of Blue Dew. A style which is appreciated by many folk enthusiasts.Blue Dew includes: Wendy Zomeren Pim Leutholff, Helga Villas and John Beumer.


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