Drinking Songs & Stories

Steve Lally


Storyteller Steve Lally will enchant, entertain and terrify you with old Irish tales of ‘The Gargle’, ‘The Sauce’, ‘The Scoops’, ‘The Sup’, … That’s right… The Booze’.

He will regale you with stories of folk who sold their soul to the devil for a drink or a means to get one.

You will hear of Poteen Makers, notorious Irish drinkers, their poetry & stories, along with songs of men and women who fell fowl to the ‘Hard Stuff’ and their ultimate demise.

So whether you like a drink or don’t touch the stuff at all this is definitely a show not to be missed by anyone who enjoys a good yarn, song or piece of poetry…

Sober or not…


Steve Lally grew up in Co. Kildare in the Republic of Ireland and has worked as a storyteller throughout Ireland and the UK for over fifteen years.

His grandmother was a Seanchaí (Storyteller) and she was a huge influence on his storytelling. Steve is both authentic and original, he has a wonderful stage presence and a great old Irish wit and charm that some would feel is long gone.

He is constantly collecting and writing new material. He brings his stories far and wide and wants to continue on with this vital and significant art form. Lally is a firm believer that storytelling is a powerful form of healing. Over the years he has seen how the sharing of stories help to break down prejudices and how it allows folk to see that they have a lot more in common than they wish to believe.



Price: € 12.50

Location: Mozaïek Studio

Duration: 50 minutes

Sunday, November 3

Start: 14:30

End: 15:20