Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde

Raksha Hoost


“Sometimes I lie in my bed, looking up to the ceiling, and I say: “Dad, why aren’t you helping me?” ‘Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde’ is set in Surinam where the two worlds of a father and daughter meet. Both of them struggling with addiction which leads back to their ancestors’ stories. This performance reveals intimate moments of despair, confrontation, and compassion. ‘Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde’ portrays the quest for the root of addiction, the relationship between the father and daughter, and the dark side of the human psyche.


Raksha Hoost is an actress and storyteller, born in Surinam. She is fascinated by the messy side of human beings, from weird quirks to dark secrets, exploring the inner ‘freaks’ we tend to hide from the world.


Acting: Raksha Hoost
Director: Raphael Rodan

Written by: Raksha Hoost and Raphael Rodan 

Light: Mirko Lazovic 


Price: € 12.50

Location: Mozaïek Studio

Duration: 50 minutes

Thursday, October 31

Start: 19:00

End: 19:50