4 november | 19:30-20:40 | podium MOZAIEK STUDIO | € 10.00


Anastasis Sarakatsanos and Spyridoula Baka have been wading through musical waters together for almost 20 years. Childhood friends, they both graduated from the Music School of Athens, in 2001, taking parallel routes into the music business. Since then, common projects in discography, film and theatre, led them to a number of highly creative collaborations. As the piano-voice duet Demodeux, they have been performing in Greece and abroad, weaving melodies into a wide repertoire that stretches across Eastern and Western Europe, from Greece to the Balkans, passing into the Mediterranean.

Fit the mould 

Length: 70 minutes

Language: English

In their latest production, Anastasis and Spyridoula invite you into their creative process. You will see them in actual rehearsal conditions; interrupting each other, modifying, repeating and examining the music of Yannis Konstantinides, a 20th century composer born in Smyrna, on the coast of present-day Turkey.

The composer, escaping wars and disasters during his early years, found refuge in Europe where he shaped his musical style, constantly adapting to new environments. He later moved to Greece where, due to his versatility, became a successful theatre musician, popular in song-writing and well-respected in contemporary music circles.

Narrating his life story, singing his songs, and sharing their own personal stories, the two musicians explore their need for expression and how to fulfil it, within societal boundaries and expectations. They also try to answer the questions, what does it mean to create and what does it takes to resist conformity?s