Deep Connection Open Masterclass

Raphael Rodan

Raphael Rodan

Raphael Rodan is a master at finding a personal connection to old traditional stories. For this public masterclass we would like to invite one storyteller to work with Raphael, who will bring with him a story to work on. Usually, this happens in the closed environment of a classroom. But this time we will open the workshop to a larger audience, allowing visitors to witness the process of creating an individual personal connection to an ancient story. We hope that the audience will learn a lot from the process, and also will be exposed to a deeper artistic exploration of storytelling.

The Masterclass is free, but, due to a limited number of seats, reservation is needed. Please: e-mail your name and the zip code of the area where you live to:  Subject: reservation for Masterclass Deep Connection / The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival


Raphael Rodan (1980) is an award-winning theatre maker and storyteller. He graduated in 2008 from the School of Speech and Drama in Harduf in his country of birth Israel. He continued his actor training at the Actors Temple in London. He worked in Israel as a theatre director for Arab and Jewish young actors, using theatre as a bridge for communication. Since his move to Europe he runs storytelling workshops and performs all over the continent. Together with Farnoosh Farnia and Sahand Sahebdivani he has established the Mezrab Storytelling School, a school that is striving to link the ancient art of storytelling with today’s burning questions.


Price: free* but reservation required

Location: Mozaïek Studio

Duration: 75 minutes

Saturday, November 2

Start: 13:00

End: 14:15