Cosmic Story Spinner

Phil Kay


Who has more songs to sing, the one who studied a thousand, or the one who studied none?

You are a very fortunate person indeed, if you ever had one of the coveted tickets that would allow you in the small tent during the Edinburgh Fringe in which one of the secret masters of the festival would improvise song after song. All made up on the spot, about what he sees, only to vanish again in thin air. For The Amsterdam Storytelling Festival we didn’t bring the festival tent, but we did bring the master who will weave material together in front of your very own eyes during this special late night show!

A mix of improvised songs and stories, all material woven together in front of your very own eyes. Phil Kay attended the Edinburgh Fringe festival for 28 times… He must be Good!

This cosmically iconic comic storytelling mind on legs will be speaking about his day and his adventures. From a Russian Billionaire’s Bolivian Volcano Party to calamities and hair-brained schemes. From buying machetes in Venezuela to threatening his puppy. It just doesn’t stop: the man may improvise a song of his journey to the gig, or of his love of the room…

“Phil Kay’s been doing storytelling in his stand-up since before it was recognized as a sub-genre of the current scene…” The Times

“The man remains one of the most consistently brilliant and uncompromising comedians of his and future generations.” The Metro


Phil Kay is a legendary Scottish storyteller and master of mirth. Come and hear all the best stories from a very creative comedian. He is still wild, so anything can happen during his show… Come see a man from whom the words just flow in a bawdy stream of comic consciousness. Phil is a cyclist, father and renowned follower of the nose, who goes with the flow.


Price: € 12.50

Location: Mozaïek Studio

Duration: 55 minutes

Friday, November 1

Start: 22:15

End: 23:10