The Great Deception

Cene Hale


In her show, Cené will introduce and reacquaint you with the stories from the Bible you probably weren’t told.

Women’s stories have been systematically altered and erased throughout history and it’s time that we told our own stories — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

 This show is equal parts humorous, heartbreaking, and occasionally horrifying. It finally gives a voice to some of the 1.1% of words spoken by women in the Bible and explores why, and how, we’ve become so addicted to silencing them.


Cené is an American actress, writer and storyteller whose work focuses on complex female stories.

 As a former main stage actress at Boom Chicago comedy theater in Amsterdam, Cené has travelled and performed on stages and at festivals all over the United States and Europe. Including Edinburgh Fringe Festival (EDI), Oerol Festival (NL), Women Are Funny Festival (CHI), and the Del Close Marathon (NYC) just to name a few. Her work has been featured on IndieWire, Huffington Post, Above Average, WhoHAHA and corporate intranet portals around the world Cené is currently based in Amsterdam where you can catch her teaching improv, coming up with comedy songs while riding her bike, and pretending to like drop candy.

Cené won the prestigious B. Iden Payne award in Austin, TX for Outstanding Actress in a Musical Comedy for her performance in the musical sketch show Love Me Tinder, directed by Adrienne Dawes.


Actress: Cené Hale
Director: Raphael Rodan

Written by: Cené Hale and Raphael Rodan
Music Consultant: Sacha Hoedmaker

Light: Mirko Lazovic
Writing Coach: Marie Phillips
Artistic Photographer: Nathalie Hennis
Public Relations Advisor: Luana Ferreira
Funding Coach: Farnoosh Farnia

For inspiration: My Mom, Monica and my Grandma, Madlyn


Price: € 12.50

Location: Mozaïek Big Theatre

Duration: 55 minutes

Sunday, November 3

Start: 16:00

End: 16:55