2 november | 21:00-21:55 | podium MOZAIEK STUDIO | € 10.00

Tickets are available soon (End of August)


Originally from Moga, India, Abhishek is a theatre maker, performer, puppeteer and artist. He holds a post-graduate diploma in Physical Theatre from LISPA, London and a Master in Theatre degree from DAS Theatre, Amsterdam. Currently, he is building an artistic research and practice in post-colonial epistemologies, historiographic metafiction and storytelling.

My home at the Intersection

Length: 55 minutes

Language: English

My home at the Intersection complicates reductive perceptions of Punjab’s recent history, producing an imagination that goes beyond dichotomies of perpetrators and victimhood, outside and inside, terrorism and resistance.

In the intimate setting of his performance, Abhishek Thapar unfolds moments from a personal journey into a contorted past in dialogue with documents from an attempt of a ritual of – ‘going back, to make sure that you have forgotten about the past.’

A performance for the senses, with haunting imagery and movingly told stories navigating between contradictory official histories and a journey through three generations of personal memories.